Monday, June 27, 2011

Writing Prompts

Hey all!

Here is next weeks writing prompt. We ended up only having one prompt turned in last week, please turn in prompts! We love reading the different thoughts and the way other people perceive these plot ideas. Abbi and I will post our prompts for last week this week.
We will e-mail our thoughts and advice about your prompt to you, and then the one that we determine 'the winner' we'll post on the Writing Prompts page. The winner will be decided by if you fill the requirements in the prompt, and how well it is written, like grammar and spelling, as well as how well the story is told (not confusing etc.).

Here is today's writing prompt: First off, they say that if you think in pictures, you should be a writer, and if you think in words, you should be a painter, so write me a scene using the picture I've attached for inspiration. Or, if you don't like the picture I've chosen for you, choose your own, but be sure to include it when you send your completed scene to me.

Good luck guys! I'm excited about this one I think it's going to be fun!
Again check the prompts page for last weeks prompt winner!

-Stoss Cue

Today's Tip:

Carry a notebook with you wherever you go. We all get those aha moments, and if you have a notebook you can quickly write it down before you forget. Lots of my best ideas have happened when I've heard conversations from other people, or seen quirky things. The key to writing a good book is making it as real as possible. We all like those little moments that come in life; a kid on a swing, ice cream dripping on a hot day, a weird incident you saw at school, there's so much out there. Keep your eyes open and your notebook handy!

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