Friday, June 17, 2011

Struggles In Writing

Hello wonderful followers! I'm sure many of you young writers are like me and struggle at times with your books. It can get hard to figure out plots, plans, characters, learning your writing style, to write on demand, etc. Very soon I'll have tips on all of that after doing a little research and finishing a wonderful book called  Becoming A Writer By Dorothea Brande. I would recommend it to anyone who is absolutely serious about publishing. If not it's still chalked full of amazing information that you can learn. My Aunt-the one who's getting her book Cobbogoth published said that it tremendously helped her during the process of writing Cobbogoth. It's a wonderful resource. Not to mention affordable! Shayla and I will figure out a posting schedule soon and have ourselves right on track to a wonderful blog for you guys to read! Keep coming back because my Aunt will be guest posting soon!
-Owners Don't Knock

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  1. Wow, I just put some writing underneath the title of my blog ( and part of it says "a teens struggles in writing" which is like exactly what this post is called! :) <3, Shelby