Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Questions, Announcements, & Reminders

Hey everybody! So sorry I didn't post this earlier today. I've been so busy! And with Shayla gone I gotta take care of the blog (plus my own) (plus others that I help with) by myself. We're a little late on the questions but they'll be up soon. Shayla forgot to email me her answer before she left so we've got a little wait on it. But, by next Wednesday I promise they'll be up! So, if you're new here, this is how it goes. **Every Wednesday (until Saturday at noon) you can send us any writing related question to our email We'll talk, research, and email you the answer we came up with. Then we'll post the most FAQ on the Question page. (And the really good ones that apply to anyone!) The question could be about the books we're writing, books your writing, about publishing, about good writing tips, etc.** I hope we get some good ones! (The ones we got last week were really good!)

*Tomorrow I'll be doing a book review. I don't even know what it'll be yet. (Long sigh and starts to think)
*We've got a guest blogger for Saturday to! Please make sure to give a hand to one of my good blogger buddy's Bree!
*If you'd like to see last Saturday's guest blogger click here!
*Thank you to our newest follower Petunia!
*Please enter my 100 follower giveaway-it ends tomorrow!

-If you'd like to guest post on our blog any Saturday please contact us at (Remember to put Guest Blogger as the subject!)
-If you have any writing related questions that you'd like answered send 'em in before Saturday at noon to our email! (Make sure to put Wednesday's Question as the subject!)
-If you'd like to enter our writing prompt (held every Monday) please read through the post and have it sent in by midnight Friday for us to go over! We'll post the winner each Monday when we talk about the new prompt. (Remember to put Writing Prompt as the subject!)

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