Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Posting Schedule

Alrighty! Here you are. Shayla and I got together today and figured out what we wanted to do for the blog. We still might make a few changes, we're finalizing everything this week, but it's pretty much set in stone.
Monday- Writing prompt announcement and a random tip.
Tuesday- Helpful tips for writing.
Wednesday- Questions. This is the day where you can send in questions for us to answer about writing. Within the week we will have answers to all and choose the the most frequently asked to post onto the Q & A page. (We will post answers to all on blog)
Thursday-Book review. Shayla and I will switch off every month so you can get a taste of what we both like. We will sum up the book in our words, add pro's and con's, etc.
Friday-Writing Prompt turn in reminder and a random tip. All prompts must be turned in midnight Friday.
Saturday-Guest blogger! We will need to find people to post on our blog Saturday so we can go over tips and writing prompts.
Sunday- DAY OF REST!!!
If you would like to send in questions, writing prompts, or offers for guest blogging, please contact us at shayla.danielson@gmail.com Please add subject!! (Writing Prompt, Question, or Guest Blogger) Please don't email us for non-blog related questions. Thank you!
-Owners Don't Knock
-Stoss Cue

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