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Here was the requirements from last weeks prompt:

Here is today's writing prompt: First off, they say that if you think in pictures, you should be a writer, and if you think in words, you should be a painter, so write me a scene using the picture I've attached for inspiration. Or, if you don't like the picture I've chosen for you, choose your own, but be sure to include it when you send your completed scene to me.

This is our Post turned in for this week, again from BreezyBug!

I ran through the woods, breathing deep. The world was spinning, and air was hard to breath in, but I could still hear him, feel him, chasing me. The sound of the gun rang through the trees, and the knife he held cut the under-growth. Branches split my face and the vines cut my legs. I was miles away from anyone. I wanted to scream, wanted to do anything but run. I scanned the area, looking for anywhere I could easily hide quickly. If I hid though, he would catch up with me. No, bad idea. Maybe if I turned around, headed back for the highway. How could I do that? He was behind me. If I turned around he would cut me off. I had to stay in the trees. Good thing he wanted me alive. But if he got a clear shot, he would shoot me in the arm, or leg. But I couldn’t think about that. Just keep running.

Up ahead, I could see a clearing.

NO!” I thought. I had to go around it, had to do anything but go through it.

Words kept shooting through my head, but the only one’s I could clearly make out was ”No clear shot. No clear shot. No clear shot.” The words rang through my head, the gunshots rang in my ears. I had to go around it. That was it. I swerved, aiming to the right.

Oof!” I landed with a thud. A sharp pain made it’s way up my leg. I listened. Good. He wasn’t close enough. He was still shooting off the gun, but his footsteps were far away. I sat up and looked at my leg. I had tripped over a vine and landed on a stick with the branches broke off. One of the broken pieces had made a scratch from the ankle to the knee. It had lodged itself in the very end of the cut, deep, too. Too deep to remove with my hands. This was bad. Very bad. I needed a place to hide and fast. I looked around,carefully and slowly. There! A tree had fallen down and it still had the leaves in full bloom. Perfect!

I carefully crawled over to it and hid behind it. I flattened myself to the ground and shoved some leaves around my bright orange T-Shirt. I pressed some leaves along the cut to stop the bleeding some. As soon as I did that, I lay completely still, listening.

Where did he go?”   I wondered. The footsteps were gone and I hadn’t heard the gun in a while. Terror flooded my veins.This was not good.

As I lay perfectly still, I listened. I tried to breath easy, block out the sound of the blood rushing through my ears. It was completely quiet. Too quiet.

CRACK! A stick broke, a few feet away from me. I heard him say a few choice words, shoot the gun off, and slice and x into the tree.

I know you’re here.” He taunted, almost singing it. “Come out! I can see you!” I couldn’t see him, so I didn’t know how true these words were. I chose to ignore him, hoping he’d think he’d lost me and go away. I should have known he wouldn’t go away that easy.

Are you here!” He cried, tearing apart a long dead tree. I peered through a crack between the leaves and watched him. He had his back to me, and after tearing apart the dead tree, he turned to the right and stomped off looking behind every dead tree and branch. I wouldn’t stand a chance if he came this way.

I quietly reached into my pocket and pulled out my cell. “Please don’t be dead!”  I thought as I flipped open the screen. I looked at the battery. Almost dead, but still enough to send a text. I pressed my hand over the sound, and made my way to contacts. I found my mom's name, pressed sent a text ,and started typing-

Mom I nd hlp! Snd Police or smething.I am bing chsed by mad man w/ gun n nife.I m west of HW 73.Please hlp!” I pressed send and got the confirmation message that it had sent.I watched it die just shortly after that.I gently stuck it back into my pocket and lied there,completely still.

After about 30 minutes of him searching the other side I began to think he had forgotten about looking for me and was just taking out some of his anger out on the under-growth. But right when I thought that ,I saw him turn around and come this way. He continued his slashing with the knife, re-searching every hiding place. Then, he slowly made his way to the right side. He slashed open every tree, every vine, leaf, and branch. And then he was in front of my tree.

He started at the top, going very slowly. He knew that if I were there, I would be holding my breath. When he got close to the bottom, I started panicking. What am I going to do? What is he going to do to me?

When he got down close enough where he could immediately see me, he grabbed my arm, not gently either. He yanked me up, bringing the knife to my arm.

This’ll teach you not to do anything stupid.” He growled pulling the knife closer to my arm.

Freeze right where you are. We have you surrounded.” Said an official sounding voice.I  heard a gun cock, and I froze, hoping it wasn’t his. He pulled me around so I was in front of him and stuck the knife under my chin.

NO! He can’t kill me. He can’t! I thought. But then I came to realization. He would. If it meant endangering him, he would do anything to save himself. He had one arm around my upper body, just below the shoulder. Perfect! I smiled, but then quickly changed my facial expression to scared.

You put them guns down or she gets it!” He said, shaking me. I slowly pulled my right hand up, keeping it out of his view. I slowly reached for the knife, keeping my head straight, but my eyes down. I grabbed his hand and flung it away from my body. He let go of the knife and it lodged itself into the tree. I ran, hoping he was still too shocked to move, think, or grab the gun. I ran towards the voice, hoping it was a police officer. But when he stepped out, he wasn’t in uniform or anything. That’s not a cop!  I thought. I turned around and ran, my leg hurting so bad. I couldn’t do this for long, but if I hid he would find me again.

Stop and put your hands above you!” I heard a voice yell. I ran into a cop in uniform.

Hi. Are you Elizabeth Katie Maholly? I’m officer Winton. You're safe now.”

Yes, I’m Elizabeth. Will you have someone look at my leg for me?”
“Sure. We brought an ambulance with us. They followed us with their stretcher. Would you like to get on it?”

Um, yeah, but I’m kinda immobile right now.” I said, sitting down. He picked me up and carried me over to the stretcher. When I was laid down my mom was by my side in an instant.

Honey, are you OK? I got your text. Why didn’t you say more? Oh, never mind! I’m so happy you're alive and safe.”

Mom, I’m scared. Who was that guy?”
“Well, I hate to say this, but he’s your father.”
“WHAT!? I have a father? I mean, I know I have one, but why...”

Shhhh now, hon. It’ll be all right in the morning.” And that is when I fell asleep.
The End

Thanks Breezybug for another good one!

This was turned in by our friend BreezyBug!

My name's Haylie. I live in Annville,Pennsylvania. Lately, I've been having a bunch of strange symptoms. For example, I used to go to bed at 8:30 and wake up at 6:30. Then, I started going to bed at midnight and waking up at 1 or 2 in the afternoon. At first we over-looked this. Until I stopped sleeping. Then I started craving raw meat. Or as close to raw as I could get it. Oh, and salt.

So ,I came down from my room for supper one night and no one was there. That was....odd. Mom always told me when she was leaving and Dad would still be at work.
I ran into the kitchen and found a note.

"Gone to the Doctor. Meet me there."

Great! Another one of her schemes to get me to the doctor to find out if I'm fine. I know I am. A little change in my diet and sleeping pattern isn't that big........

I ran outside and hopped on my bike. I pedaled to the only doctors office my mom would let me bike to. This was going to be interesting.

I walked in, waved at my sister(She works there, as an assistant to anyone who needs her) and asked her where mom was.

"She's in with the doctor. I think they're going to do a DNA test or something."

"What !That's crazy.Why would they do that?"

'"Have you not seen the way you've been eating?! The changes have been horrific!"

I leaned against the counter and sighed. No way was this going to be fun.

"Look. Nothings going to come out wrong. All their going to do is prick you finger, check your DNA and tell where you originate from." She said. Why didn't she say we. I mean,wouldn't we both have at least been from the same country or countries?

I turned around and saw my mom and the doctor talking in hushed voices, turned away from me. Unfortunately, before I could leave,he turned around and saw me. He walked over to me and held out his hand. I looked at him like he was crazy.

"Uh,Haylie, Can I see your hand."

"You're not going to ask me to marry you, are you?"I said sarcastically. I didn't want to do this and I wasn't. They couldn't make me.

"No ,Haylie, we need to do a DNA test just to find out what your origins are. All I need it one finger. It won't hurt and it's very easy."

"Fine, whatever." I said holding out my hand. He pricked it, stood up, and walked away. My mom made me sit in the waiting room until he came back. When we did, he looked puzzled. He looked at the slip of paper he was holding, and then looked at me. He handed it to my mom. She read it and kind of did the same thing. She handed me the paper. This is what it said.

Name- Haylie Elizabeth Mallory




DNA-75% Western European (Not surprising,because I'm super fair)
13% Native American(Surprising,because I'm super fair)
13% Vampire

"WHAT!?!?" I yelled." How does a DNA test pick up on imaginary creatures!?" I yelled. This can't be true. Vampires weren't real, right?

I ran outside, hopped on my bike, and pedaled to my best friends house, Cassi. I walked up, rang the door-bell, than walked inside. I ran up the stairs, yelling my name, and walked into her room.

"Cass, read this and read it now and TELL ME ITS NOT TRUE!" I yelled, shoving the slip of paper into her face.

She read it and kind of paled.
"N-no,it can't be true!" She exclaimed. She seemed kind of nervous. Why?

I stayed with her and ate there, trying to eat the veggies. When I finally bike home, my sister was there, and she doesn't get off work until at least nine, maybe ten.

I ran up to my room, the crumpled slip of paper in my pocket. Maybe if I tried to sleep.
I dosed off. That was it! That meant it couldn't be true!

I ran downstairs and made me a bowl of cereal. I ate it all without cringing at the taste. Num!

I spent the day at Cassi's pool. We swam and talked

"I wonder why it picked up on that." I said, thinking out loud.

"I don't know. Hayl, hand me that life jacket."

"But." I said, handing it to her," I just don't understand it!"

"UH! If it will make you feel better, that's not you DNA. It's mine." She exclaimed.


"I went to the doctors office and switched mine with the first one I saw. Which happened to be yours. I threw the one I grabbed away and hoped no one I knew would get mine. When you handed me yours, I was so surprised.I had switched mine with yours. I didn't want anyone to know because I already know I'm a vampire." My best friend got up and ran into the woods.
Everything resolved itself, but I never saw my best friend again. They sent out a search party, but never again found her.

The End

Great Story BreezyBug! Thank you!