Monday, October 29, 2012

Let's take a moment

We are about to see probably one of the biggest storms in a long time hit the East Coast. Those of you who are crazy enough to be up this late reading my post, please take a minute and pray for those folks over there. I'm afraid that they're going to need it.

May God bless them!


Saturday, October 27, 2012


Yes I know it's been since August, so all I can say is tell you what I told people over at "Mnemosyne"


But it's justified. Two and half jobs plus a truck load of school, honestly I am surprised that it's taken me this long to admit that I'm going mad. But aside from that, here's a little something that I put together for my readers at "Mnemosyne". The semester's almost over, and so is work, so I should have bucket-loads of time then to post and write here.

The Sherlock Holmes Complex

So I have always found music to be very inspiring when I write, and I have always believed that the mood of the scene that I'm working on is affected by the feel of the song that I am listening to. And now I am going through a Sherlock Holmes phase. I hadn't seen the movie, but my Pandora station started to play the background music and I was hooked. It was just so different.

Needless to say I went and watched the movie. But now all of my characters have either a Sherlock Holmes or Watson feel. And while I love these two characters (don't get me wrong), I really need my K'mar to be self-absorbed in a rather oblivious and charming way, not pot-enhanced and arrogant like Holmes, and Watson is much too sensible to be a prototype for Nolan. So maybe I should go back to listening to "Harry Potter" and "Lord of the Rings".

I can easily avoid writing about rings and quidditch.

(Did I ever tell you that K'mar was a redhead?) 


Is there a particular thing that inspires your muse? If so I'd love to hear about it!

P.S I grew up on Sherlock Holmes (the books), and a third movie might come out. So you will hear about this again. 


and no that is not a threat.


it is simply a statement of fact. 


you'll just have to live with it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


After printing several of the wrong documents for work, spilling cleaning solution, trying to vacuum with a broken vacuum and come up with story ideas while listening to MPR it occurred to me:

Only smart people do stupid things. Stupid people don't know any better.

But that leaves me in a quandary. Am I stupid (so therefore it's not my fault) or smart (therefore I am stupid)?


Anyone else have these days...or is it just me?

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hello Everyone!

I'd like to invite you all to have a look at my new blog Mnemosyne. This is a project that I've been thinking about the last couple of months or so,  and when Abbi graciously agreed to design it for me, I knew that it was time to act!

So while I will still post here at Authors, Mnemosyne will deal mostly with my current writing projects, and I will become a tad bit more opinionated, so I might even dare to talk about some books I don't like (as well as the ones I do) and why...but that is in the future. For now, I need to survive the first post!

I'd love it if you'd all come and check it out!

(and maybe just might like it enough to follow it)


Thursday, July 5, 2012

I really like the word paradigm

 [ párrə dim ]   

  1. typical example: a typical example of something
  2. model that forms basis of something: an example that serves as a pattern or model for something, especially one that forms the basis of a methodology or theory
  3. set of all forms of word: a set of word forms giving all of the possible inflections of a word
Hey everyone!

I cannot believe how silly I was to think that this semester would be any less crazy than past ones. It might be the sun, its bright rays calling to me and telling me that life is good! That it's time to slow down, get a tan, go swimming. Summer's always better than winter! Hah! Yes while it is better than winter, it is by no means less busy. The only sun I get is what touches me between my house and the car. 
But I have resolved to be more organized (yes I made my bed this morning) and to get a short story published (still writing). I will get my life together.

I just realized that I haven't posted since April.


So lets get this month's goals onto paper!

A review from April:

  • Finish editing my short story. X
  • Memorize all of my music.
  • Create a list of questions for the editors. X
  • Run everyday! X
  • Last but not least...complete this college semester with all A's!!  
So I didn't finish editing my story, but I memorized my music (and the recital went fabulously!). No questions for editors, but I did hunt around a little bit for somewhere to publish my short story. I ran every other day or so in April. And I completed the semester with all A's!!!! So the two biggest ones got done.
Okay, goals for July:
  • Do laundry once a week (I tossed a ton of clothes getting ready to move to a dorm, so clothing is scarce).
  • Write my sf short story for my Science Fiction class (First draft this week).
  • Run three times a week (starting...tomorrow?).
  • Start my book (uh...tonight? Yes, tonight!). 
  • Finish editing my short story (the Fop and the Ferret).
  • Memorize six grammar terms from my written communications class (last year, best class ever)
  • Post here on AA at least once a week (I promise I will!!).
So here we go! Another month, another chance to live! (and get skin cancer)
Paradigm is a new word I just learned, though I must sat macabre will always have a place in my heart. Do any of you have favorite words that you are particularly fond of?

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Learn to take criticism and seek it out at every opportunity. Don’t get upset even if you think the criticism is harsh, don’t be offended even if you think it’s wrong, and always thank those who take the time to offer it.

-Owner's Don't Knock

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ten Tacky Terms

Hello you guys! Sorry we've been so MIA.
Here's a link to this writing post, Ten Tacky Terms.
But, here's the actually words for you guys!
I'd recommend checking out the post though.

-Owner's Don't Knock

  1. Flashy
  2. Garnish
  3. Gaudy
  4. Kitschy
  5. Meretricious
  6. Purple
  7. Sleazy
  8. Tacky
  9. Tawdry
  10. Two-Bit

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A couple of things that I've learned...

Hey everyone!

I have recently joined the Hatrack writers group on the Orson Scott Card website, and I must say it was probably one of the better decisions that I've made for my writing.

The basic set up for Hatrack is this: it's a forum where authors (published or not) come together and talk about writing. They post the first 13 lines of the story they are working on and ask for a critique. The reason it's 13 lines is because that is the amount typically sent in a query letter. They also have sections where you can post something about a character and then (this is the best part) people respond to your character as if they were characters themselves. It gives you a chance to respond like your character does. The questions asked are insightful and can make you go "I never thought of that" or "Oops, that doesn't work".

An added bonus, you can start a discussion about unicorns and everyone takes you seriously.

Well about a week after I joined I decided to post my first 13, with a request for someone to edit my whole story. A wonderful gal (who I will call Jane) offered to read it and I've just completed my second editing session with her. She pointed out several things in the first draft (my third) that hadn't made a lot of sense. I made some corrections and made a couple tough calls, so luckily on the second draft she had more technical things to cover than plot gaps. I'm still fixing it, and will probably add more to make the story line more detailed.

Jane has given me a ton of insights, and through her I've learned what to look for in editing. Since I want to edit teen novels, this has been a great experience for me!

The Hatrack community is huge, and pretty awesome! If anyone is interested they can go the Writers Workshop on Just a note, you do have to be 18 to join!

If there was anything that I learned from this?

One thing that I've learned is that no matter where you are, keep righting! If you have a story being sent to an editor put it aside and write something else. We don't write as an occupation, we write because we love it!


An example of a unicorn discussion: have you ever seen any other places where a unicorn was hatched? I think I've read of the idea, but I'm not sure.

How about you? Are there any fantasy quirks that you've run into?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Different Writing Prompts

Here you go!
Sorry I haven't posted in so long.
PS-I'm definitely going to try out that second writing prompt.
-Owner's Don't Knock

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time for new goals...or *cough* old ones

Hey guys!

So I went and looked over my goals that I posted a couple weeks ago..namely:

Write the first chapter (or two) of my book.
Memorize my recital pieces.
Contact some editors for career info.
Run every day!

Okay so to be honest (which is an important trait in an author)...I didn't complete any of these goals. Running was the one I did best on, though it was more like three times a week that anything else.

Didn't even touch my book! Aghh!! I haven't even finished editing my short-story... :P
But happy thought, even though I didn't memorize any of my recital pieces I did work on some of the tougher duets, so that's a good thing.

So my goals for April! (Should the first one be complete my goals?)

Finish editing my short story.
Memorize all of my music (has to happen, the recital's on the 20th).
Create a list of questions for the editors.
Run everyday!
Last but not least...complete this college semester with all A's!! :)

Hopefully this month will work out better for me. If not, you will know in May. 

-Stoss Cue

How do you keep your goals? Are there any specific things that you do that help you keep writing? Please by my Dear Abby!

Monday, March 19, 2012

No longer least for today.

Sorry guys...

I'm afraid to even look and see how long it's been since I last posted on here, Abbi had been fantastic with this as I juggled college classes and generally tried to keep my life on track. So, HUGE kudos to her!

Writing? I haven't been doing really well. The contest results for my short story will be coming in any time now, and so in between nail bitings and the general loss of hair, I've been rewriting and touching it up with some help from fellow writers. I joined an online writers group and they have been very helpful and insanely supportive. I have a lot of work to do on that story, and not much time since I've let a lot of other things in life hit rock bottom. I have ten pieces of music to memorize in one month, college applications to write and a jazz championship to win. AND a first draft to write for my novel.

But there are good things happening:

We finished my bedroom and all it needs is some texture and paint (working with purples!).
My first Writers Digest comes in the mail either late this month or early April.
And...I managed to run almost every day last week!

So my goals for the rest of the month?

Write the first chapter (or two) of my book.
Memorize my recital pieces.
Contact some editors for career info.
Run every day!

Also I have decided that after editing my short story, I will break taboo and post it on here. But I can't promise when that will be, but when I do I'll put a note here and you can find it on my "Shayla's Trilogy" page.

My spring break is this week, so I hope to find time to post again!

~Stoss Cue

P.S. I highly recommend that if you are a fiction/scify writer, that you read Orson Scott Card's "How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy" is brilliant!
P.P.S. My Writers Digest just came in the mail!!!! (6:03 PM)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Way Too Busy

Sorry for the lack of posting you guys! Shayla and I have been SO busy.
-Owner's Don't Knock

Writing Tips

-Learn the rules of good writing… then learn when and how to break them.
-Be a good reader first.
-Write the first draft spontaneously. Switch off your internal editor until it is time to review your first draft.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Show, Don't Tell

Try this out for your writing, see what it does!
-Owner's Don't Knock

  • If it's a sermon your reader wants, there are churches to oblige. What does it look like, sound like, feel like, taste like, smell like? When you describe a person or event, your reader is there with you. When you tell, the reader relaxes to the point of mental slumber. Not sure of the difference?Telling: John was sad after Susan broke up with him.Reader: Yawn! Showing: John shut his cell phone and leaned against the wall. He heaved a sigh and dropped his head into his hands.Hear the reader's mind working: "What's with John? Oh, I get it, he feels Susan let him down."In nonfiction, details show, generalities or opinions tell.Telling: Children are out of shape these days.Reader: "I don't think that's true. My neighbor's kid plays Little League."Showing: Forty percent of 5 to 8-year olds are obese.The reader's mind kicks in:"Wow! Children are out of shape these days!"

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cut Cut Cut!

Don't forget to 'prune' your writing in order for it to grow!
-Owner's Don't Knock

  • Writers often fall in love with their own words and phrases. Cutting them can feel like killing a person. It only feels like that. Cutting words from writing is like pruning in the garden. When we get rid of the dead, diseased, and ugly, we are left with a stronger, more beautiful, fruitful plant.Be ruthless with your writing. Chop out every unnecessary word. How do you know what can go? Read what you've written leaving out parts you question. If the piece still makes sense, leave out the excess. Compressed writing packs a punch.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Write What You Know

Try this and see where it gets you!
-Owner's Don't Knock

  • Given the chance, what do you talk about endlessly? What drives you to seek out information? What are your passions? When you write what you know, you write with authority. People listen to you because you are one who knows. You are interesting because you are interested. Your knowledge is a gift to share.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Ex- Tip

Try this out in your next writing prompt.
-Owner's Don't Knock

  • Ex- marks the spot. Go beyond, go out on a limb, go outside your comfort zone. Get some extra excitement by using these vivid verbs starting with the syllable ex-:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some Creative Writing Tips

Just a quick little something for you guys. Sorry for the lack of posts!
-Owner's Don't Knock

  1. Write a story from the point of view of a non-human. This can mean an alien, an animal, or a chest of drawers. The unconventional source of narration frees your creativity and allows you to have some fun with the story. It gives you an excuse to play with dialogue or try your hand at being funny.
  2. Sometimes you can create fictional magic just by placing two opposing characters in the same room. Consider opposites or "incompatibles" from real life that might make sparks on the page.Personalities that breed conflict create increased readability.
  3. Write a story in which one character is clearly lying. This can be either the narrator or another character. You´ll want to focus on peeling away the layers of truth and untruth--the non-liar(s) will inwardly and outwardly wrestle this out.
  4. A good plot always traces back to character elements. Characters find themselves in situations and must act and react to those situations as best they can. Consider this as you construct the plot of your story.As a pre-writing exercise, make a list of situations your character might find him or herself in. Then, in a separate column, try and predict what might happen based on what you know about the character.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Decision Has Been Reached!

So the poll's out and the winner for the Capital name is....Dokmoor!

Tylam came in a not so close second, but at least Lethchem got a vote, so it's not all a loss...
But luckily I actually have been drawn to Dokmoor for that past week, so the final result was pleasing.

Thanks to all who participated!

I have a book for your consideration in a little bit...I'll get the review ready soon!

Have company so I gotta go...

-Stoss Cue

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Great Honor Has Been Bestowed!

So I've been a horrible blogger this past week. I told Abbi that I'd post on Wednesday and it is quite obvious that I did not. But I do have reasonable classes started Monday and I was going crazy figuring out my schedule. I've again sadly neglected AA but if it's any consulation, I've neglected my own blog The Mnemosyne for a month. And it's still pretty new...ah well.

But for the big anouncement...My wonderful ex-young womans leader (miss you Rachael) from The Rehomesteaders has done Abbi and I the enormous honor of giving us an awesome award!

Thanks you so much Rachael! This is really terrific! As part of this award we get a chance to share ten things about ourselves (or the blog) that you may not know. So Abbi and I split it down the middle:

Abbi's 5

1-Shayla and I first came together with writing when one of her younger brothers told Shayla while I was over one day, "Hey! You should tell Abbi about YOUR book you're working on!" We've been together ever since.
2-We wanted to make this blog for other teenagers like us to get help with their writing.
3-We have two pages labeled Abbigayle's Novel and Shayla's Trilogy where we post periodically about our books that we're working on.
4-Usually the posts are things I've found when I type Creative Writing Tips into Google. Haha! is a wonderful place to get help with your writing!

My 5

1. I am planning on starting my own personal editing business for self-published authors, either that or start an advertising company for said authors so they have a way of getting the word out.
2. I play classical piano. It's so incredible! I mean...the classical...not my playing of it...erghh!!!
3. Abbi and I have spent 8+ hours working on our books in one sitting.
4. We both periodically send each other e-mails screaming I CAN DO THIS!!!! (This is normally after we've discovered some horrendous plot flaw)
5. I love cats. Cat haters prepare! Some day cats will rule the world, and only their supporters will survive.

So for the Kreativ Blog, ideally you thank your benefactor and then share that award with someone else. who can then share ten more fascinating things that we don't know about them.

So without further ado I'd like to pass this award on to....

Hannah Clark from Hannah L. Clark! Way to go Hannah! Hannah has completed every wannabe author's dream and just this past December she published her first book Cobbogoth. Really, Hannah is an inspiration.  It's very reassuring to know that if she could do, I could do it too. So please check out this wonderful lady's blog and find out what her book is all about!

-Stoss Cue  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some Creative Writing Tips

Just found these and thought I'd share 'em.
-Owner's Don't Knock
  1. HAVE FUN! Sometimes, we writers can end up feeling that our writing is a chore, something that “must” be done, or something to procrastinate over for as long as possible. If your plot seems wildly far-fetched, your characters bore you to tears and you’re convinced that a five-year old with a crayon could write better prose … take a break. Start a completely new project, something which is purely for fun. Write a poem or a 60-word “mini saga”. Just completing a small finished piece can help if you’re bogged down in a longer story.
  2. Don’t agonize over getting it right. All writers have to revise and edit their work – it’s rare that a story, scene or even a sentence comes out perfectly the first time. Once you’ve completed the initial draft, leave the piece for a few days – then come back to it fresh, with a red pen in hand. If you know there are problems with your story but can’t pinpoint them, ask a fellow writer to read through it and give feedback.
  3. If you’re stuck for ideas, carry a notebook everywhere and write down your observations. You’ll get some great lines of dialogue by keeping your ears open on the bus or in cafes, and an unusual phrase may be prompted by something you see or smell.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Quirky Writting Prompt

Ok so while I was e-mailing Abbi, I saw the dorkiest add...

"Make Him Addicted to You: Say these secret words to make him fall madly in love with you!"

And being the writer I'd like to be, I immediately wondered what my Characters would have to say about this add...

K'mar: "Addicted?! Women! *puffing in indignation* And men don't fall madly in love! It's a myth made by sad Jane Austen-obsessed  women, who have never met a real man in their lives!"

Amrise: *Stiffly offended at this jab at female ignorance...(but still wondering what those words are)*

Nolan: "So that's why...By the Nine! They always said it was the wine that got me into trouble, but it's clearly those women and their secret words! I knew it!"

And etc.

So give it a try, find some add, statement etc., and then come up with what your Character's would say about it. It's probably one of the more fun writing prompts. I have every intention of adding something like this to my book now. Give it a little flavor...

-Stoss Cue

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Little Something From My Backstory On Jethroe

Here's part of my backstory I'm doing on one of my main characters...Jethroe.
-Owner's Don't Knock

There they were, at it again. Jacob lay on the floor in
the small apartment under a dingy blanket; listening to his parents yelling. His
mother was upset that James, Jacob’s father, had been out drinking and had just
gotten home. His mother was a worrisome woman. James however, had only married
her because he didn’t want to have to pay rent all by himself; not to mention
he had knocked up Sara, Jacob’s mom. Jacob had dealt with this ever since he
was a child; so far James was his third father. All of them walked out. It
didn’t even take that long, they got bored, and left; wanting to find someone
younger and prettier. Someone that didn’t throw a fit at the smallest things.
You’d have thought that Sara would have learned something, changed something,
not wanting to attract men like the kind she got all the time. So far, no luck.
Jacob tried to lie still, but craned his neck is a way that he could listen to
the fight better. After about an hour he heard a lot of banging, as if drawers
were being open and shut in a hurry, and then the slam of a door. So that’s it, Jacob thought. He’s gone. He slowly, and cautiously got
up and walked into his mother’s room.
“Mom, you alright?” Jacob asked, concern clear in his
“Oh, sweetheart, I didn’t know you were up. Yes, yes I’m
fine.” Sara said, wiping tears from her bloodshot eyes.
She was eight months pregnant and looked as if you could
pop her and she’d deflate.
“Mom, you look exhausted. Get some sleep. I’ll wake you
up when it’s time to go to work.”
She started to say something but Jacob cut in, “Don’t
worry; I can handle breakfast. You need a break. Get some sleep.” He repeated.