Wednesday, July 18, 2012


After printing several of the wrong documents for work, spilling cleaning solution, trying to vacuum with a broken vacuum and come up with story ideas while listening to MPR it occurred to me:

Only smart people do stupid things. Stupid people don't know any better.

But that leaves me in a quandary. Am I stupid (so therefore it's not my fault) or smart (therefore I am stupid)?


Anyone else have these days...or is it just me?

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hello Everyone!

I'd like to invite you all to have a look at my new blog Mnemosyne. This is a project that I've been thinking about the last couple of months or so,  and when Abbi graciously agreed to design it for me, I knew that it was time to act!

So while I will still post here at Authors, Mnemosyne will deal mostly with my current writing projects, and I will become a tad bit more opinionated, so I might even dare to talk about some books I don't like (as well as the ones I do) and why...but that is in the future. For now, I need to survive the first post!

I'd love it if you'd all come and check it out!

(and maybe just might like it enough to follow it)


Thursday, July 5, 2012

I really like the word paradigm

 [ párrə dim ]   

  1. typical example: a typical example of something
  2. model that forms basis of something: an example that serves as a pattern or model for something, especially one that forms the basis of a methodology or theory
  3. set of all forms of word: a set of word forms giving all of the possible inflections of a word
Hey everyone!

I cannot believe how silly I was to think that this semester would be any less crazy than past ones. It might be the sun, its bright rays calling to me and telling me that life is good! That it's time to slow down, get a tan, go swimming. Summer's always better than winter! Hah! Yes while it is better than winter, it is by no means less busy. The only sun I get is what touches me between my house and the car. 
But I have resolved to be more organized (yes I made my bed this morning) and to get a short story published (still writing). I will get my life together.

I just realized that I haven't posted since April.


So lets get this month's goals onto paper!

A review from April:

  • Finish editing my short story. X
  • Memorize all of my music.
  • Create a list of questions for the editors. X
  • Run everyday! X
  • Last but not least...complete this college semester with all A's!!  
So I didn't finish editing my story, but I memorized my music (and the recital went fabulously!). No questions for editors, but I did hunt around a little bit for somewhere to publish my short story. I ran every other day or so in April. And I completed the semester with all A's!!!! So the two biggest ones got done.
Okay, goals for July:
  • Do laundry once a week (I tossed a ton of clothes getting ready to move to a dorm, so clothing is scarce).
  • Write my sf short story for my Science Fiction class (First draft this week).
  • Run three times a week (starting...tomorrow?).
  • Start my book (uh...tonight? Yes, tonight!). 
  • Finish editing my short story (the Fop and the Ferret).
  • Memorize six grammar terms from my written communications class (last year, best class ever)
  • Post here on AA at least once a week (I promise I will!!).
So here we go! Another month, another chance to live! (and get skin cancer)
Paradigm is a new word I just learned, though I must sat macabre will always have a place in my heart. Do any of you have favorite words that you are particularly fond of?