Shayla's Trilogy

7/12 - I have some things that I could tell you...but then I'd have to kill you. Jk, but really I haven't done a ton, but I am rethinking the background and surroundings of my story. It's a annoying thing, I have two worlds that don't get along well and I really really NEED them to.  But it'll work out, I've (meaning we) have decided to post little bits (real little bits) of my story outline and chapters. Hopefully this will give me more incentive to write more often. Right now I'm still working on Orders  of Events (again) but I did go through and butcher Book Two's so I have done something if only step backwards. My 'voice' is whispering that it has to be bad before it gets good...(Abbi!) she's right but...still....I'll let you know if I choose to listen :).

I'll be back soonish with more stuff to tell you about!

-Stoss Cue

6/20 - So I really stink at telling plot-lines, and I like to keep mine secret (I'm evil I know-MWAHAHAHA!!!)  so I can safely promise that you will never hear a plot-line from me; about my book anyway. Other stories on the other hand...I will probably share with you.

But I will tell you a couple things:

My Favorite Character: is a minor character named Stoss Cue. He is honest and funny, brave and witty, stubborn to a fault and can have his serious moments. He never lets you down and he's pretty cute!

My Least Favorite Character: Also a minor character, Limack gross. Think of all of the traits that you don't like about other people, he has them. He's a liar and a cheat, snivels, and sneaks. Think of one of the cutest guys you know (for your own sake not your boyfriend or relative), then give him pig eyes and greasy hair. Tahdah! The most despicable groveler on the planet!

How I got this idea: I had a dream -- no really! So I only dreamed the initial start of the story, and that plot has switched around sooo much that it barely resembles the original. But I've been thinking about this story-line for about six months, and am finally getting it down on paper.

How much have I written: Well I just finished the outline for books 1 and 2, but I've decided to rewrite 2 (it didn't flow). And I just finished writing 1's prologue. So how much do I have written? Not much.

When I get more done I'll post what's going and hopefully be more enlightening.

-Stoss Cue