Monday, January 2, 2012

Quirky Writting Prompt

Ok so while I was e-mailing Abbi, I saw the dorkiest add...

"Make Him Addicted to You: Say these secret words to make him fall madly in love with you!"

And being the writer I'd like to be, I immediately wondered what my Characters would have to say about this add...

K'mar: "Addicted?! Women! *puffing in indignation* And men don't fall madly in love! It's a myth made by sad Jane Austen-obsessed  women, who have never met a real man in their lives!"

Amrise: *Stiffly offended at this jab at female ignorance...(but still wondering what those words are)*

Nolan: "So that's why...By the Nine! They always said it was the wine that got me into trouble, but it's clearly those women and their secret words! I knew it!"

And etc.

So give it a try, find some add, statement etc., and then come up with what your Character's would say about it. It's probably one of the more fun writing prompts. I have every intention of adding something like this to my book now. Give it a little flavor...

-Stoss Cue


  1. What a clever way to get the imagination churning!

  2. Why thanks reliker! I enjoyed it...though the resulting implications are rather bleak. I hadn't known how much of a drunk Nolan was until this prompt. It bodes ill for his future carreer. :)

    -Stoss Cue