Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Great Honor Has Been Bestowed!

So I've been a horrible blogger this past week. I told Abbi that I'd post on Wednesday and it is quite obvious that I did not. But I do have reasonable classes started Monday and I was going crazy figuring out my schedule. I've again sadly neglected AA but if it's any consulation, I've neglected my own blog The Mnemosyne for a month. And it's still pretty new...ah well.

But for the big anouncement...My wonderful ex-young womans leader (miss you Rachael) from The Rehomesteaders has done Abbi and I the enormous honor of giving us an awesome award!

Thanks you so much Rachael! This is really terrific! As part of this award we get a chance to share ten things about ourselves (or the blog) that you may not know. So Abbi and I split it down the middle:

Abbi's 5

1-Shayla and I first came together with writing when one of her younger brothers told Shayla while I was over one day, "Hey! You should tell Abbi about YOUR book you're working on!" We've been together ever since.
2-We wanted to make this blog for other teenagers like us to get help with their writing.
3-We have two pages labeled Abbigayle's Novel and Shayla's Trilogy where we post periodically about our books that we're working on.
4-Usually the posts are things I've found when I type Creative Writing Tips into Google. Haha! is a wonderful place to get help with your writing!

My 5

1. I am planning on starting my own personal editing business for self-published authors, either that or start an advertising company for said authors so they have a way of getting the word out.
2. I play classical piano. It's so incredible! I mean...the classical...not my playing of it...erghh!!!
3. Abbi and I have spent 8+ hours working on our books in one sitting.
4. We both periodically send each other e-mails screaming I CAN DO THIS!!!! (This is normally after we've discovered some horrendous plot flaw)
5. I love cats. Cat haters prepare! Some day cats will rule the world, and only their supporters will survive.

So for the Kreativ Blog, ideally you thank your benefactor and then share that award with someone else. who can then share ten more fascinating things that we don't know about them.

So without further ado I'd like to pass this award on to....

Hannah Clark from Hannah L. Clark! Way to go Hannah! Hannah has completed every wannabe author's dream and just this past December she published her first book Cobbogoth. Really, Hannah is an inspiration.  It's very reassuring to know that if she could do, I could do it too. So please check out this wonderful lady's blog and find out what her book is all about!

-Stoss Cue  

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