Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Little Something From My Backstory On Jethroe

Here's part of my backstory I'm doing on one of my main characters...Jethroe.
-Owner's Don't Knock

There they were, at it again. Jacob lay on the floor in
the small apartment under a dingy blanket; listening to his parents yelling. His
mother was upset that James, Jacob’s father, had been out drinking and had just
gotten home. His mother was a worrisome woman. James however, had only married
her because he didn’t want to have to pay rent all by himself; not to mention
he had knocked up Sara, Jacob’s mom. Jacob had dealt with this ever since he
was a child; so far James was his third father. All of them walked out. It
didn’t even take that long, they got bored, and left; wanting to find someone
younger and prettier. Someone that didn’t throw a fit at the smallest things.
You’d have thought that Sara would have learned something, changed something,
not wanting to attract men like the kind she got all the time. So far, no luck.
Jacob tried to lie still, but craned his neck is a way that he could listen to
the fight better. After about an hour he heard a lot of banging, as if drawers
were being open and shut in a hurry, and then the slam of a door. So that’s it, Jacob thought. He’s gone. He slowly, and cautiously got
up and walked into his mother’s room.
“Mom, you alright?” Jacob asked, concern clear in his
“Oh, sweetheart, I didn’t know you were up. Yes, yes I’m
fine.” Sara said, wiping tears from her bloodshot eyes.
She was eight months pregnant and looked as if you could
pop her and she’d deflate.
“Mom, you look exhausted. Get some sleep. I’ll wake you
up when it’s time to go to work.”
She started to say something but Jacob cut in, “Don’t
worry; I can handle breakfast. You need a break. Get some sleep.” He repeated.

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