Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time for new goals...or *cough* old ones

Hey guys!

So I went and looked over my goals that I posted a couple weeks ago..namely:

Write the first chapter (or two) of my book.
Memorize my recital pieces.
Contact some editors for career info.
Run every day!

Okay so to be honest (which is an important trait in an author)...I didn't complete any of these goals. Running was the one I did best on, though it was more like three times a week that anything else.

Didn't even touch my book! Aghh!! I haven't even finished editing my short-story... :P
But happy thought, even though I didn't memorize any of my recital pieces I did work on some of the tougher duets, so that's a good thing.

So my goals for April! (Should the first one be complete my goals?)

Finish editing my short story.
Memorize all of my music (has to happen, the recital's on the 20th).
Create a list of questions for the editors.
Run everyday!
Last but not least...complete this college semester with all A's!! :)

Hopefully this month will work out better for me. If not, you will know in May. 

-Stoss Cue

How do you keep your goals? Are there any specific things that you do that help you keep writing? Please by my Dear Abby!


  1. Isn't that how it always works?! Our goals somehow find themselves repeating... since there usually things we really need to work on... darn it haha :) Good to write them down!

  2. Alycia,

    Lately I've started writing a to-do list before bed, this greatly increases my motivation, since it's written down it's always there...bugging me, harrasing me, generaly being a pain... :p


  3. Don't be too hard on yourself--you're a busy lady! But yes, writing them down and being accountable to someone for your progress is definitely a good way to motivate yourself.
    As for writing, I find when I get stuck, if I go back and read what I've written, it sometimes helps me make progress. Just a little every day (or even ever week) adds up quickly. Can't wait to read more of your story!