Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday's Tips

Hello everyone! I'm going to be taking over for Shayla the next few days because she's doing something with our church. Today I got these tips from an article online. Here it is if you'd like to see it! I'm just going to take what the author said and put it into my own words, and make it shorter.
-Owner's Don't Knock
  1. Becoming an author is not easy. There's many bumpy roads and different paths to explore. Start everything out by reading. It's that simple! Just read. I suggest reading books in the genre you would like to write in. Read well-written books for a good idea of what you should be going for.
  2. Join a writers group. This is what Shayla and I did. Being able to bounce ideas of each other really helps to get the creative juices flowing! My Aunt also said that her writing improved tremendously when she started attending her writing group!
  3. Take classes. It helps getting a different point of view from different people who have tried different things. Attend workshops in your area.
  4. When you're done writing hire (or in my case ask) someone to clean up your manuscript before sending it to a publisher. It's definitely worth it!
  5. Read books on writing. They are chalked full of amazing information! All of them have something new, different, and exciting to offer. If you check out my Aunt's blog on one of the posts a few pages back there's a book review for my favorite so far! It's called Becoming A Writer (but I forgot the author so she her blog for more info)
The most important tip of all time is to just keep writing! Do it everyday, don't let anyone stop you. Even if it's just a sentence or two. JUST WRITE! I can't say it enough.


  1. Thanks, for the tips. It makes me want to write on my novel now.

  2. I'm glad! When I read these it made me wanna write to, lol(: