Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday's Writing Prompt

Hey everybody! My Aunt Hannah is being generous enough to give Shayla and I writing prompts each week. I thought that for Monday's post it could be sharing the writing prompt she gave us so you could try it to! You'll have until Friday morning to post it on your blog and share a link in a comment to us in the Monday's Writing Prompt post. We'll then talk it over with each other, send it to my Aunt, and choose winners! On either Friday or Saturday we'll then post the writing prompt again, each of our writing prompts, and what my Aunt said/changed,etc. about them and the winners for that week. Sound good? Here's this week's.....

You've just had a DNA test done to better understand some strange symptoms you've been having.  The DNA results are back, and they give you unexpected information concerning your Nationality.  You're 75% Western European (not surprising because you're super fair), and 13% Native American (pretty surprising because you're super fair), but the last 13% of your DNA is extremely shocking, however, it perfectly explains the strange symptoms you've been having. 

In no less than 5 pages double spaced, tell me a story using this prompt. Don't forget to explain your symptoms and what the last 13% of your DNA reveals.  The more creative, the better.
-Owner's Don't Knock


  1. Here's my story:


  2. Here's mine!

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  4. I actually didn't read that it had to be five pages double spaced; i'll have to write some more :/