Thursday, June 16, 2011

Introducing Myself

Hello everyone! My name is Abbigayle Rashae, I'm 13 years old, and I love to write. My friend Shayla and I created this blog for teenagers like us who are trying to get works of theirs published. Within this blog we will share tips that have helped us, tricks for writing, and so much more! Some of you may know me from my other more popular blog True Blue Abbi. I hope that soon we'll be able to get to know you each and what you like to do also. What kinds of things you are writing and what direction you'd like to lead for your life in the future. As this blog progresses we'll have more ideas on what to add-along with a Q & A section! Now, some of you may think that we're not titled to tell you what you should do with your writing. That's why I will have my Aunt Hannah, who is getting her first book in a series published this October to help answer questions! And, if I can get her to, which I know I will, she'll guest post once every so often to share some of her secrets to success! As for the signature that I sign at the bottom of each post, please excuse me and Shayla. It's an inside joke. Also, as you see, the blog address is a little different. That goes along with the inside joke. Hopefully when we get our books published (dramatic sigh and wishful expression) you'll find out.
-Owners Don't Knock

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