Saturday, July 2, 2011

Guest Blogger Book Review~Maximum Ride-The Angel Experiment

Hi everyone! I'm Bree from over here and I'm going to do a book review on the book Maximum Ride-The Angel Experiment by James Patterson.

So,what caught my eye about this book was the cover.I didn't know what it was about at the time I bought it.Yes I read the back,but that doesn't give you any idea of what your about to read.I had a lot of people tell me it was good,too.

The author has so many books out,but this is the only series I've ever read of his,so I suggest not reading the other books.I have heard the others have certain things most kids/teens aren't allowed to read.

So,back to the book.It is about 6 kids living on their own after their guardian,they assume,dies.When they were born,they were taken from their parents and experimented on.They were given avian,or bird, genes.Which led them to each end up with wings.

Now,while they were given avian genes,there was also other babies being given genes to.These babies were given Lupine,or wolf,genes. They were made to wipe out the 6 kids with the special wings,or the Flock.They were called Erasers.

One day,they managed to kidnap the youngest of the flock,Angel.They take her back to the school,the place where they were given the genes,then put in cages like wild animals and kept in a sterile room.

So,how do they rescue her? What do they do next? Read the book to find out.

Now,onto how the book was written.The author goes into extreme detail.It makes you feel like you are in Max's(The leader.Also known as Maximum Ride P.S. It's told from a girls point of view.) head.I felt like I could feel her pain,happiness,confusion and any other emotions she felt.I would really recommend this book to anyone who likes good books and good detail.

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