Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Question & Tip

Hello Everyone!
We’re back at our Q&A part of the week. You know the drill, send your question to and next week we will have posted the answer on Wednesday. We want to get questions! Make our day and ask us something. We’ll get back to you on time now that our lives are in control (more or less).
A tip for today:
I read an article about a book called “How Not to Write a Novel” and it pretty much convinced me to read it. But until I do read it I won’t try and sell you on it, since that would be a little much even for me to promote something I haven’t read. But one of the points that the article made was that we need to read novels in the genre that we’re writing. I don’t read action books, so I wouldn’t have a clue when it comes down to writing one. So naturally fiction would be a better choice for me.
Have a good one! We can’t wait to hear from you!
-Stoss Cue

If you want to read more of the article, go to:

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