Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Review~Uglies~A Guest Post By Bree:)

Hey Everyone!It's Bree<3 I am so so so so so so so so so sorry for not posting Wednesday! I meant too,I even had it almost all written out but....I've decided I have developed a case of writers block.I am having to force myself to write this,even thought I don't want to and I know it sounds so weird.I'm also tired.Swimming.

But I'm not here to tell you about my problems.I'm here to tell you about a book.A very good book that I happen to love!

The book is called Uglies and here is a picture of the book cover-

So what it's about is way far away from the title-but it fits the book perfectly!

So,an ugly is what you are before you turn 15 in Tally's world.When you turn 15 you have a type of surgery done.It is basically where you get you whole outside layer of skin taken off and given new pretty skin.Every flaw is taken away and you look like every other person on the street.Everybody's dream.

Except Tally's friend,Shay.Shay knows something is wrong with it.Like why everyone also acts the same.Why no one breaks any rules-ever.

Soon Shay runs away just before she turns 15.Tally stays,still thinking nothing is wrong.But when she is not given the operation and threatened to never get it she knows something is up.They(the people who run her "town")tell her that if she doesn't find Shay and the people who ran away before her she will never be "pretty".

Does she get the operation?Does she find Shay? What is wrong with the operation?Read the book to find out!
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  1. sounds awesome. i've been meaning to read it! and the series...
    i'll add it to my list! awesome!

  2. I read the books, and it's pretty good. I'm sad that one of the characters died though, he was pretty cool- not in the first book. And I'm kind of happy that Tally's best friend is finally happy with her in the end of the series.