Saturday, August 6, 2011

Today's Entry

Thanks to Shelby for sending a poem into us. I really liked it and I think the message is important:

And everytime she turned around
She saw someone falling down.
Her eyes deep into their soul,
Making them look like a fool.
The dropped down to her glory
Making sure that they looked sorry.
Even though they did nothing wring
She glares at them as if they did.
Her piercing eyes that guys fall for
When really she is just a bore.
So when she says get outta my way
I will not obey because I know she
Doesn't rule the World.
And she doesn't own me.


Thanks Shelby! A note to remember that while people will try to bully you, you can make them stop by standing up for yourself. You are worth it, and you deserve to be treated with respect.

I'd like to add a note of thanks to Kayleigh and Katie for joining our blog this past week! See you all on Monday and have a glorious Sabbath!

-Stoss Cue

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