Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello everyone! It's a beautiful day here in Iowa, and I'm thoroughly enjoying my last day of freedom before school starts. Some things that I've been thinking about for awhile and I'd like some of your thoughts:
I have a hard time setting time apart for things like writing and such. What are techniques that you use to set time aside for stuff like this?
Also while I love listening to music for inspiration, sometimes I feel like it directs my stories just a little too much. What other routes of inspiration do you guys use? Have you had this problem? If so, how do you deal with it?
I'd appreciate any (or all) advice that you guys could give me.
Also I've posted some writing that I've done (not finished worked on) that I'd like you guys to look at. It's on my Trilogy page. If you have any thoughts on this or my Q's either send me a e-mail, or post here.
Thank you!
-Stoss Cue

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  1. Shayla! I mean Stoss Cue, haha! I hear you--my best advice is to set aside time when you won't be distracted by anything else. I either have to get up early or wait for the girls to take naps to have a little alone time with my writing. By night, I'm too pooped to want to do any critical thinking. As for music, I've found I had a lot of inspiration when I was unable to listen to anything but my own thoughts (wearing earplugs day in and day out for work really gave me time to think!). Anyway, love your blog and happy writing!