Thursday, August 4, 2011

Your Time to Shine

Hello Everyone!

This is something that I've been toying with trying, and I thought I'd give it a shot over the next couple days. Abbi is going to be gone and I was thinking about the different stuff I could do for the blog while she's gone. I was thinking to myself (while I was on the couch); This is a writing blog. It needs writing, and not just from me but from everyone. So for the next couple days you guys can send stuff to me that you've written and I'll post it here on Authors Anonymous. Anything from poems to short stories; excerpts from stuff you're working on, stuff you've finished, ideas or tips you have...I'll take anything and everything.

If there's a good turnout I'll talk to Abbi and we might try doing this more often. So if you're interested in this go ahead and send it to . I'll need your stuff in by Saturday and I'll have them all posted on the Front Page by Saturday night.

Hopefully this will all work out! I'm a little anxious (fingers crossed), so I'm a little on edge. I can't wait to read the stuff you guys have come up with.

-Stoss Cue

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