Friday, August 26, 2011

Book Review

So this is a book I really enjoy reading. Chalk full of details and good humor, The Warrior Heir is the first of three books in the Heir trilogy. While there is rumor of a possible fourth book (fingers crossed!) I won't put that down as final.

Back to the book - I really enjoyed it. The plot is sometimes predictable but none of the important parts are, and there are many surprises. It is a fairly easy read, not that the words are simple but that they flow really well. Basically the plot goes as follows:

"One March day, Jack Swift, a high school student in a small college town, forgets to take the medicine he’s taken daily since he was an infant. There ensues a cascade of events that puts him in mortal danger.

Jack discovers he carries a secret within him that has made him a target of the ruthless wizards of the Red and White Rose. Jack is a Warrior Heir, the last of a dying breed, sought after by the Roses to fight in the tournaments that are used to allocate power among the Wizard Houses. Unknown to him, Jack has lived all his life surrounded by members of the Magical Guilds: wizards, enchanters, soothsayers, and sorcerers. They are determined to save him from the Roses.

With the aid of his aunt, a beautiful enchanter, Jack desperately tries to acquire the skills that might save his life. Jack and his friends, Will and Fitch, unearth a magical sword from a cemetery and fight off the wizards who would take it from them. Jack begins training with the dark and dangerous Leander Hastings, a wizard with a mysterious past.

Meanwhile, Jack is torn between his attraction to Ellen Stephenson, a new student at Trinity High School, and Leesha Middleton, his former girlfriend, who decides she wants him back.

Discovered and besieged by treachery at home, he flees to the Lake District of England. There he is confronted by the greatest challenge of all."

This is directly from the Cinda Williams Chima website where she has all of her other books posted as well (I'd suggest you give it a look).

Last note, I LOVE the romance in this series. Normally I am not one for angst but in this book it's done so well that I just can't resist it, even though it drives me crazy!!!! There are so many different levels for the different characters and the relationships are so intricate that they make me want to cry. Go ahead and give it a try. You'll love it!

-Stoss Cue

(Sorry, I'll post the rest of the character tips either later today or next week)

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