Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Another Wondifferous Wednesday!

Good Afternoon One and All!

I just returned from the very very last day of detasseling! I am sooooooooooo happy! My feet hurt, as do my arms (corn rash and sunburns...ick!) but I love the pay! I am really pretty mercenary you know, I'd do a lot for money.

I am thinking about writing a short story about some of my more colorful detasseling experiences, if I do I'll post it here and ask your opinion on it. But for right now I have written to remind you that today is Q & A day. Please write and send all questions and We appreciate your questions and suggestions. I do especially, I learn right along with you while we're looking for answers. It's awesome! You guys think of a lot of things that never occur to me.

It's a glorious day and life looks will my arms when they quit looking red and start looking tan...again ick. Have a beautiful day, smile and be cheerful, see how many people you can get to ask you what you're happy about. It irritates them to no end if you admit you have no idea (or worse that you are following my advice).

- Stoss Cue

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