Saturday, November 19, 2011

Super Saturday-Special Secrets

Thought today I'd do something special and tell you a bit from my Special Big 10 Issue of Reader's Digest.
*The things in () is sort of a small explanation of whatever is listed*
-Owner's Don't Knock
10 Things For Every Writer's Bucket List
  • Publish a Short Story (to have a sense of accomplishment)
  • Go to a Writing Conference (to learn a bit more about what you're a part of)
  • Freelance for Money (it's very empowering)
  • Visit City Lights (because it's still there)
  • Write/Publish an Essay (it feeds your brain)
  • Take a Writing Retreat (to see how much you can accomplish w/o distractions)
  • Write a Novel (because it's the biggie)
  • Go to BEA/Score a Tote (it's a trip)
  • Read Shakespeare (ridiculous)
  • Fill in This Blank with Your Heart's Desire (because you know you want to)

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