Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Right Name

Hey all!

Right now I currently trying to find the name for my capital city. Just some background on this city, it is freakin huge. Tucked away at the base of some large mountains with a natural harbor leading out to the sea, fishing and selling merchandise are a big part of this city's commerce. It has the School of the Muses (also undergoing a name change) and the army base headquartered there. Marble is a large part of the building materials used in the main structures, as well as some of the darker woods such as black walnut. There are a lot of white/dark contrasts. It is going to be beautiful! But I lack certain artistic skills to make it come to reality on paper...I will give it my best anyway (or ask an artistic friend to put it together ;D ). But back to the's a list I am considering:

  • Tylam
  • Lethmore
  • Lethchem
  • Hillmore
  • Dokmoor
Those are the ones I narrowed it down to and I like Tylam and Lethchem the best, but they still don't fit quiet right. Any thoughts? I will take any suggestions, compare them to my own then post a poll on the side so you guys can vote on your favorite. Have your names in by Saturday if you want them to be considered for the poll. I need help guys, any ideas will be welcome!
-Stoss Cue

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