Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For the love of a Grandmother...

This past week my grandparents came to my house to celebrate my youngest sister's baptism! We were all so happy to see them and had a great time. While they were here I got a chance to sit and talk with my grandma about my book. She has done some editing for papers and books, and is currently in the process of finishing off the final editing on her own book before she starts going to publishers.

Anywho... I was thrilled to have the chance to talk to her, but when she started asking me questions about my book and characters I was pretty ashamed (and surprised!) to learn how much I didn't know about my own book!

Parts of the conversation went something like this...

"How are you going to instigate this revolt?"

A mumble about how I was hoping I'd publish this book first and then move on from there...

"So your main character...he isn't that much of a wimp is he?"

Unborn protest filling the room, followed by panicked and incoherent babbling that seemed full of "well he's not" and "well its complicated "and ending in shrieks of "please!!!! NOOOO!!!!"
Really -- I was pathetic.

But I learned a lot from it, and now I know a lot of things about my characters. Things that have opened up my plot line and given my characters more breadth and stability. So after a lot of broken lead and murdered erasers, I have finally created my people like I want them to be.

The crime scene has been cleared, and all that's left is the next step: The Chapter Outlines. EEEEEEEKK!!!! (So I'm thrilled but still...I'm terrified.)

Sigh...My baby's growing up and I haven even named it yet... :')

-Stoss Cue

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