Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Writing Prompt-Sept 20th

Not much else to write about right now so I thought I'd share the story I wrote with you today.
The prompt was suppose to be about 'Imagine the time is late at night and the phone rings. Describe the scene.'

As the clock struck one o' clock the telephone rang. My heartbeat sped up. Who could it be? I decided to let it ring. After a minute, it stopped and then started up again. Sweat beads ran down my face; my breathing continued in short little gasps. The same number. I tried to ignore the ringing in my head. Then that same number popped up again. I screamed and unplugged the phone from the wall. Still ringing. I panicked, grabbed the first thing I saw and started bashing the phone, in hopes that it would somehow stop. It wasn't. I decided to answer it. I cautiously picked up the mangled phone and said 'Hello.' Screams sounded through the receiver. 'Hello?' Still nothing but those horrid screams. I set down the phone, but the screams were still heard. Oh my...I flung open the door to the attic and all was silent. The dusty curtains swayed in the breeze from an open window. I walked to the edge, peeked over, and saw a bloody, crumpled body sprawled on the grass. A phone lay right beside them.

I know it's a bit cheesy, but not too bad I think.
Your thoughts?
-Owner's Don't Knock

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